Substance abuse and mental health treatment is provided by state-funded treatment agencies or the federally funded Veterans Health administration. The treatment agency you are assigned to will coordinate your treatment and may refer you to additional treatment and/or mental health services if needed. Most treatment providers charge a fee based on your income. After intake, you will develop a treatment plan which involves both group and individual counseling. The schedule will be determined by the treatment agency, but attendance is required. You may be required to attend more groups or individual sessions depending upon your treatment plan. Each treatment plan is individualized. You are responsible for attending all scheduled appointments. Missing scheduled appointments will result in sanctions. Treatment misses must be excused by treatment providers and made up later.

Substance abuse counseling is comprised of the three separate formats:  individual, group sessions and case management. As part of your treatment plan, you will be required to participate in all. Together they are designed to develop self-awareness, realize self-worth and practice self-discipline. The individual and group counseling sessions will include problem identification and alternative solutions.

Your attendance and level of participation at counseling sessions will be reported to the team as part of your weekly progress reports. You must contact your case manager or your counselor if you are unable to attend or will be late to a scheduled session.

Disclaimer: Please contact a Veterans Court team member for official information related to the information above.