As a Veterans Court participant, you will be required to follow these rules:

Don’t violate the law.

Do not have any law violations.  No new arrests.  No driving without a valid license.  No traffic offenses.  Follow all federal, state and local laws.

Attend all Veterans Court required appointments.

You must attend individual and group counseling, educational sessions, and case management appointments at treatment WHEN treatment schedules you.  Appointments with supervision will include intake, office visits and phone calls.  Drug testing is required on the same day your drug testing color is called.  Court attendance is mandatory.  Community service must be completed by the due date.  Other appointments for services at community agencies may also be required.  If you are unable to attend a scheduled session, you must contact the appropriate person as soon as possible.  Documentation is required for you to be excused and rescheduled.  Documentation regarding the miss will be requested by treatment, supervision and the court.  Unexcused absence(s) will result in a sanction.

Be on Time 

If you are late, you may not be allowed to attend and will be considered as a miss.   Failure to plan is not an excuse.  Being late is grounds for a sanction.


If you miss any scheduled appointment, you are responsible for rescheduling it!  You may not be contacted to reschedule.  Failure to do so may result in a sanction.

Do not act violently or make threats towards other participants, staff or court personnelViolent or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated and will be reported immediately to the Court.  Threats or intimidation toward anyone will not be tolerated.  Either of these violations may result in your termination from the Veterans Court Program.

You cannot have any drugs, alcohol or weapons.  Do not bring any of these banned items to treatment, supervision, any community agency or court. Possession of drugs, alcohol or weapons could immediately result in your termination from the program and you could get new charges.

Expect to take random and “on demand” drug tests.  Do not tamper with urine samples or use anyone else’s urine. Any abnormal drug test will be considered a positive and you will be sanctioned.  Multiple positive, missed, or abnormal tests could result in your termination from the program.  Tampering, substituting urine, diluting or attempting to chemically alter your drug test is grounds for revocation.  You will be tested for many illicit and prescription drugs and alcohol each time.

Do not argue with the Judge or other team members.
If you disagree with something, state your position in a calm manner and listen to what is being said.  You may also put any issue into writing for the team to consider.  Disrespect, excessive arguing or outbursts toward team members is an offense which may receive a jail sanction.

Be Respectful of Yourself and Others!
Follow the directions of team members, court personnel and deputies regarding behavior, cell phones and talking while in court.  Remember the BCVC Team wants you to be successful and is here to help.

Dress appropriately for Court and other BCVC appointments.
As a participant, you will be expected to wear a shirt or blouse, pants, dress, or skirt of reasonable length.  Midriff shirts are not allowed. No shorts, sleeveless tops or short skirts.  Shoes must be worn at all times.  Clothing bearing drug or alcohol related themes or advertising alcohol or drug use is considered inappropriate.  Sunglasses are not to be worn inside the Court or at the treatment facility unless medically approved.  Speak with your supervision officer or treatment counselor if you need assistance with clothing choices.  No gang colors or gang related apparel is allowed.

Disclaimer: Please contact a Veterans Court team member for official information related to the information above.