All client records are protected by federal and state laws regarding confidentiality.  We cannot release written or verbal information without your written, signed consent.  However, you cannot participate in Veterans Court without a “Release of Information” which allows the BCVC Team to discuss your case and progress.  Persons outside the BCVC Team will not be provided information about you or your progress.  There may be additional emergency or legal circumstances that may require release of information such as:

  • The disclosure is allowed by a court order or for an audit.
  • The disclosure is made to medical personnel in a medical emergency.
  • The client commits or threatens to commit a crime.
  • The client is suspected of child abuse or elder abuse.
  • The client is threatening suicide or homicide.


Anything you say concerning your prior or current drug use while in the Veterans Court program cannot be used against you in prosecution of this case.  However, your statements and information about your treatment will be shared with the Judge, your treatment agency, supervision agency, program Coordinator, the District Attorney, court staff, your attorney, and anyone else on the Veterans Court team.  This information may be used to evaluate your current compliance with the program and to determine appropriate treatment and other services.

Disclaimer: Please contact a Veterans Court team member for official information related to the information above.