Attendance will be required at support group meetings such as Celebrate Recovery, Narcotics (NA), Cocaine Anonymous (CA), SOS and/or Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) if your offense is drug or alcohol related, or your evaluation indicates a substance abuse issue.  The number of times you must attend per week changes by your BCVC phase.  In Phase I, you must attend support meetings 4 times per week.  In Phase 2 and 3 you must attend two (2) support meetings per week. You will be required to submit signed attendance sheets at court for review by the Coordinator and your supervision officer.  The purpose of attendance at support group meetings is for you to develop a support network and create social bonds with other recovering addicts.  You will be provided with information regarding the time and location of support meetings at orientation.  Your treatment provider, supervision officer and coordinator can also assist you with locating meetings close to your work or residence.  Treatment will also provide several support groups at their building each week.

Disclaimer: Please contact a Veterans Court team member for official information related to the information above.